60ghz backhaul radios

One thing we’ve noticed is that beaming internet around an island, especially in Cruz Bay where we have a lot of links, uses a lot of radio spectrum. Since our 5ghz point to point radio links operate on the same frequency as wifi, we’re also sharing the airwaves with individuals connecting to hotspots, home and business wifi networks, and any other wifi device.

To improve performance, LCCN team member Nick Harland is setting up a field trial and testbed network to evaluate wireless network technology in a controlled environment with test equipment. First on the list for testing are new 60ghz millimeter wave point to point radios. These 60ghz radios can create links between short distances with speeds 5x greater than the 5ghz PowerBeam radios currently being used on St John.

Nick is looking forward to visiting again for Christmas and New Years, and really looks forward to installing some new higher speed links.

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