The core team of our non-profit organization consists of St John Residents:

  • Matt Gyuraki
  • Morgan Barlas
  • Rob Tutton

Our core team is augmented with our off island core team members:

  • Nick Harland
  • Majdi Abbas

Our on-island volunteer team also includes team members:

  • Pete Mottl
  • Megan Kenobbie
  • Sarah Hanson
  • Tony Novelli

We also receive support from many other volunteers, friends, and sponsors both on island and off.

In addition to our team members, we would not be where we are without support of community members including:

  • Ronnie Klingsberg of Ronnie’s Pizza an’ mo’ – Thank you Ronnie for allowing us to turn your restaurant into our first network location and office space.


Love City Community Network is a Delaware based non-stock non-profit corporation, incorporated to be organized as and at all times operated exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific programs within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

Our corporate board members are Matt, Morgan, Rob, and Nick.

Our corporate bylaws and charter are available via request.