We will have more details of how to get help with connectivity at your location soon, for now, ask a team member on-island for more information.

Connecting to any wireless network requires a client radio or CPE device, a clear line of sight to an existing “sector antenna” site, 110v power for the radio as well as your own network equipment. We’ve put together some links to equipment that we recommend in general and should be compatible with all networks on the islands.

To connect to any wifi network, you’ll need:

CPE Device:
Ubiquiti NanoBeam ac Gen2 High-Performance airMAX ac Bridge (NBE-5AC-Gen2-US)

Please also fill out and turn in the form below when you turn in your CPE device to one of our on-island team members.

LCCN Client Information Sheet

It also helps to have a mounting bracket, since the CPE device is installed outdoors. We like this mounting bracket:

Cables Direct Online Universal Outdoor Heavy Duty Satellite Dish / Antenna Mount Tripod DirecTV Pole

You also need to run an outdoor ethernet cable from the outdoor CPE to your homes existing home wifi router. These cables come in several pre-made lengths. If you’re not sure how long a cable you would need, err on the side of caution, as it’s easy to cut an ethernet cable and put a new connector on it once your CPE is installed.

30FT (10M) Cat5e Direct Burial Waterproof RJ45 Network RJ45 Patch Cable CMXT Fully Tested Connectors Installed! – Black with Black Boot