Connecting to any of the wireless network on island requires a client radio called a “CPE device”, a clear line of sight to an existing “sector antenna” site, 110v power for the radio as well as your own network equipment.

Below you will find a link to purchase your own CPE device. While you do not have to purchase your device from the link below, please make sure that if you choose to purchase from another vendor that you are purchasing a Ubiquiti NanoBeam ac Gen2 (NBE-5AC-GEN2) as other models are not compatible with our network. 

CPE Device:
Ubiquiti NanoBeam ac Gen2 High-Performance airMAX ac Bridge (NBE-5AC-Gen2-US)

What to do once you have received your CPE:

Fill out the LCCN Client Information Sheet – Please make sure that you have included your GPS coordinates so the device can be programmed properly. There are directions on the bottom of the form on how to find your GPS coordinates.

Once you have completed the information sheet to its entirety, please place the sheet inside your box and write your name and phone number on the outside of the CPE box. You can turn in your CPE, along with the completed information sheet, to our office above Connections during our office hours.  To reach our office, use the stairwell on the back of the building and our office is the last door on the left.

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9am to 1pm. If you can not make it during those hours please email us at and we can arrange a time for drop off.