Direct financial donations are the best way to support us, and you can use the PayPal Donate Now button to make one, however, until we receive our tax-exempt determination from the IRS, we cannot guarantee that your donation would be tax-deductible. Typically once tax-exempt status is granted it is done so retroactively to the date of incorporation, so donations made prior to the determination would be reclassified. We will notify all donors via email upon changes to our tax-exempt status. We cannot offer tax-advice though, so you should contact your own tax expert for advice.

If you’d like to provide a large donation, or just don’t like using PayPal, we can accept checks, money orders, wire transfers, etc. Just send us an email at for information or surprise one of our team members in person.

Would you like to know exactly what your donation paid for? We will happily accept donations in-kind of network equipment, and many of the items that we use can be purchased online. To make things easy, we’ve created an Amazon wishlist containing prioritized items we need, and all you need to do is click buy and they’ll ship directly to us! We’re also happy to accept equipment not purchased via amazon, as well as used equipment that may be useful to our project. If you have something in mind, let us know.

Click here to access our Amazon wishlist and donate hardware directly. 

We are also working with and receiving support from established tax-exempt non-profits on the island. If an immediately tax-deductible donation is your best way of assisting us, let us know at We’ll have simple instructions on how to do this online posted soon, but until then please contact us for details.